Yes, I'm actually married. To my shoes. :)
— Violet's caption under a photo uploaded to her Instapenguin showcasing her pink Converse All-Star shoes.

Violet Elena Ridgewell (born May 29, 2001) is an actress living in New Penguin City, whom is best known for her Instapenguin account (@_vridgewell). She is the daughter of Leyla Ridgewell (46), an actress and fashion designer.



Leyla Ridgewell - Mother (46)

Herb Ridgewell - Father (49)

Ellie Ridgewell - Younger sister (10)

Jeanne Tally Ridgewell - Older sister (17)



Title Year Role Quote Note
Lonely Christmas  2010 Mira Hamlin "In no time at all, we'll all be married and you'll be the sad, annoying, single friend we all avoid." Main
Wannabe 2010 Sally Richards "If I were you, honey, I'd wanna be me too. But you aren't as pretty as I am." Main antagonist
Teenage Fairytale 2011 Tally "Stop chasing me. I'm not worth it." Supporting
Summer 2011 Ivanka "Who calls dibs on swimming?" Supporting
Miss Officer 2011 Officer Ester Baker "Put your hands up right now, miss. Or we'll shoot." Main
The Pianist 2013 Annabelle Ketchum "Just keep playing." Main
Blogger 2014 Marcie Fox "This is my life. I can't be without it!" Supporting


Title Year Role Quote Note
Dancers and DJs (live action) 2011-2013 Astrid "Dance the night away. I ain't gon' stop until I'm dead." Main
Super Pookie! (animated) 2011-2012 Melanie "I know who you are! You're a true hero!" Supporting
Nerds! (live action) 2012-2014 Jessie Parr "Puh-lease. I can do all the timestables at the top of my head!" Supporting
Uppies and Kitties (animated) 2014- Anna Parsons "Don't say that! Kitties are our friends!" Supporting
No Boys Allowed (animated) 2015- Isabella "Don't worry, girls. Any boy that wants to hang with us will have to get through me!" Main