CPMods Stamp

Heres my stamp! It's free to use and says "The Club Penguin Administrators are overprotective and lazy"

I deeply despise it that Club Penguin is now trying to make the game "SO LIDDLE KIDDY AND KYOOTZEY WOOTZEY" that it made me quit the game in February of this year. All the parties are pure shit now. Like, they're very sensitive too. Once I was being harassed by this kid who kept on going "Do you know Bobby?" and I said "Yes! I know Bobby Santiago" (if you get the Loud House reference here you earn free all-you-can-eat bacon) and then I got banned :))))) 

Another thing. Months ago I sent them an email that someone different was bullying me and they were like "O REPORT AD IGNORE DEM!" HELLO, MY PENGUIN IS ONE YEAR OLD. I KNOW THIS SHIT ALREADY. QUIT ACTING LIKE I DONT, DUMBWADS. At some points they behave equally worse than soccermoms when it comes to enforcing rules.

I'm not trying to be rude, but the CP admins need to get their bullshit together before I quit the game completely and stop visiting.