The Dysfunctionals is a TV show featuring the lives of the dysfuctional Upchurch family, as they go through their everyday lives. Sometimes something goes wrong and they have to fix it. The series first premiered April 8, 2016 and has one season with 12 episodes, 5 of them unreleased.


Main characters

  • Bob Upchurch (age 54, played by Gerald Paulson)
  • Janelle Upchurch (age 52, played by Cheryl Parker)
  • Lisa Upchurch (age 18, played by Megan West)
  • George Upchurch (age 15, played by Ash Willey)
  • Pearl Upchurch (age 13, played by Luna Pixley)
  • Norma Upchurch (age 10, played by Thalia McNarama)
  • Charlie Upchurch (age 7, played by Michael Rosenthal)
  • Julie Upchurch (age 5, played by Iris Rowan)

Episodes (note - if you see *, that means it hasn't been aired yet!)

Season 1

  1. The Eye Test - Pearl gets glasses; Charlie gets lost at the museum during a field trip; George prepares for a big math assignment. 
  2. Mister Chomp Is Lost - Julie's dinosaur stuffie, Mister Chomp, becomes lost while the family packs for a big trip; George reveals his results on his assignment; Janelle has trouble in traffic when she is about to go to the toy store to get a bunch of movies for the family.
  3. Social Media Meltdown - Pearl joins a social media network called "Interwebbies" that her friends are talking about, and she gets addicted; Lisa argues with Bob over a decision Bob makes; Julie has her first doctors appointment.