Aries - Thought crossovers were a good idea

Taurus - Said Chespin was a good Pokemon

Gemini - Screamed "FUCK" at a teacher in 2014-ish

Cancer - Caught dancing to Justin Bieber songs

Leo - Going through my "instagram white girl" phase

Virgo - Watched Shrek at school during my spare time

Libra - Said Marco Diaz was my waifu

Scorpio - Dressed as Draculaura for Halloween 2015 when I was above the age limit for Monster High

Sagittarius - Went to Burger King and asked for a Big Mac

Capricorn: Cried over hating Adam Sandler in front of my friends

Aquarius: Attempted to do a frontflip and sprained my finger

Piscies - Talked to a picture of Lincoln Loud