Satoshikura Network is a Japanese-Norwiegan TV block. It has 4 sections split up during a day. Each section runs for 6 hours each Starting at 12:59am The four mascots welcome you and the showd will begin shortly. They use this to get things organised, then at 1:00 it goes back on air. The channel has 4 mascots, Anunimaka Time's(Ages infancy to 6) mascot Epclyspe, Yakuma's(Ages 7-13) icarria, Nakomo Relapse's (Ages 14-18) Mikarya and Eciswerma's (Ages 19+)Yonoica.

Anunimaka Time

Anunmimaka Time is the pookie time slot for Satoshikura Network, mainly aimed at infant to 6 year olds. Anunmimaka Times'programming is mostly educational programmes, but every now and then there is cartoon breaks.It runs from 4:00 am to 9:00 am.The mascot is a white cat with blue glasses named Epclyspe. When it is 10 minutes untill Yamuka, In an ad break or the episode will pause, Epclyspe with walk on to the screen and say that in 10 minutes the programming will mature a slight bit and to enjoy the rest of the movie/show then walk off again.


Yamuka is an all ages square which usually airs comedy or reality shows. The mascot is a 15 year old girl named Icarria.Yamuka airs from 9:01 AM to 1:00 pm. At 12:00 Anime gets mixed in with the bunch, It will be either Death Note, Pokemon or Tokyo Ghoul. Pokemon is the more common show to be shown though. At 12:30, the anime/movie/show will be paused and Icarria will walk on and say that the programming in half an hour won't be suited for some people then walk off again. At 12:55, before Yamuka ends, a slightly more distorted looking Icarria will come on saying to get the younger siblings out of the room or switch the channel because of the content thats coming up. Then Epclyspe and Normal Icarria will say their goodbyes. Then a blue dragon comes up and says you have been warned.

Nakomo Relapse

Nakomo Relapse is a block which shows slight gore and mild content shows. It airs from 1:01pm to 10:00pm.Nakomo Relaspe's mascot is a blue dragon named Mikarya. Mikarya normally shows up on the warning banmer incase a younger sibling walked in as the content could be unsuitableThe shows are either reality, comedy shows or anime. Yandere and gory anime are common to find. .At 9:55 pm. Mikarya will fly down and let the mascot of the next block in, while Mikarya says that now the moms and dads now have a time to shine.