Pookie Chef Junior is a TV show aired on Pengy Reality every thursday at 3:00am, 11:00am and 8:00pm. It is a parody of the reality show MasterChef Junior. It started airing September 1994 and was cancelled in 2002.


Pookies between the ages of 8 to 14 apply to become a contestant on the series. 24 applicants are chosen to audition. At the auditions, the applicants are split into three groups, but as the series progresses they are on their own and make their own dishes. One group prepares seafood dishes, one prepares pasta dishes and one group prepares dessert dishes to present to the judges. 2 of the applicants become contestants for the next round and all 24 receive an apron they get to keep. After the audition round, two contestants are sent home per episode. The winner receives a prize of 100,000 dollars and a Teddy Town Cruise.


Year Winner
1994 Marilyn Tinson
1995 Harley Louder
1996 Pamela Knowles
1997 Dominic Osman
1998 Rowan Cauldwell
1999 Roman and Risa Lowrett
2000 Georgia Bradford
2001 Tom Tyson
2002 Georgina Bo Ditch

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