Meme TV is a channel for children aged 4-15. It airs various shows of many genres, and on weekends, movies. It
was founded in June 2015 by Annie Sangroth.


The channel has four mascots. The mascots are:

  • Kayla - A girl who is a total meme expert
  • Jay - A genderfluid that can shapeshift
  • Amber - A girl with some aspects of a homestuck troll
  • Iris - A human similar to a readheaded Star Butterfly, gender not specified


General bumpers

These are bumpers used before programs.

  • Free To Pass - We see Jay dressed in a police uniform, and puts on some sunglasses. The scene freeze frames, and text in the "Arial" text in raspberry red with a white shadow, saying "This program is appopriate for all ages. You're free to pass." then it fades to black.
  • The Following Show Is.. - We see Amber near what looks like a building, and says "The following show is..." and points to the logo, and says the show's name. Amber then waves before the scene fades to white.
  • Ask An Adult - We see Kayla drawing something in a room that is loaded with books and art supplies. She picks up a black crayon and waves. The camera pans to her work, and it says "The following show may not be suitable for very young viewers. Please ask an adult before you watch." then Kayla fades away.