There once lived a girl named Amelia. She was born during the Great Depression to two poor farmers who worked hard to take care of their family. The girl lived on a farm with her parents and siblings Erik, Dylan and Harriet. Her father Fred considered himself an unlucky man, but was lucky to have the comfort of a family. Years have passed and they made enough money to buy a house. Amelia and her siblings felt like the happiest children in the world. But on one fateful November night, Amelia and her siblings went to bed and her father accidentally left the fire on, not knowing the consequenses. Amelia woke up and thought she smelled something funny. Then something reached her room. It was orange, flickering and smelt like smoke. It was fire. "HELP! HELP!" cried Amelia. But no one heard her. She got trapped in the blaze. But sadly, this is where the story ends.


So basically this was my first short fanfiction!~ Sorry about how sad it was. The idea just came in my head. Moral of the story? Don't leave fires on at night. c:

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