Revised version of


  • Rosetta Hollister
  • José Hollister
  • Lindsay Hollister
  • Tyler Hollister
  • Sammy Hollister
  • Brody Hollister
  • Lucinda Ephron
  • Jasper Ephron
  • Ivanka, Aceline and Romana Ephron
  • Alexia The Little Star (mentioned)
  • Elena Aitkenhead
  • Adam Aitkenhead
  • Lucidia, Penelope, Beaver, Nando and Lindsey Aitkenhead
  • Haylie Diamondsparkle
  • Amaya Jones
  • Lindsey Blackstone
  • Squire Blackstone
  • Mackenzie and Gracie Blackstone
  • Alaska, Oriah and Miya Ephron (Lucinda's brother and sisters)
  • Pearl Icebird
  • Jillian Harwood

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